WGF: Since 2014 you and your team have been offering a unique quality service in Colombia and through innovative technology have been offering easy solutions to the difficult problem of currency exchange. What exactly are you people doing?
Juan: We believe in the transition from cash to the digital world in a staggered manner. We have created the platform to convert currencies into a variety of alternatives. We are currently developing alliances to offer virtual currency savings, then we’ll offer to be a payment solution, and later credits and twists, becoming a Neobank

WGF: Before you people started, you spent more than two and half years in structuring your business plan, researching and perfecting all aspects. Given a second chance to develop your business, will you do anything different?
Juan: I firmly believe that the best way to learn is through experience; therefore, I don’t believe that absolutely anything should be made perfect. For me, when you don’t make mistakes it means that you are not innovating. We must bear in mind that learning processes is what will give us experience. Decision making is more appropriate in each moment based on what has already been experienced.

WGF: What is the short- and long-term vision of Smart Coin?
Juan: In the short term, we want to take our solution to many cities in Colombia, and then add more services to create our own savings, payments and credit ecosystem. Especially, we want to focus on taking our solution to the unbanked population, mainly the vulnerable population. Our long-term vision is to be a Neobank that interrelates throughout Latin America.

WGF: What drives Juan Franco to achieve the extraordinary in his professional life?
Juan: Perseverance and the thought that doing something positive for the world will give us the ability to enjoy a better planet. I firmly believe that we must leave a mark in our path, but this mark must positively impact new generations to allow a social balance that levels the income of the most vulnerable people. Thus, we would have a planet to enjoy all without having so much inequality.

WGF: What is your success story?
Juan: At the age of 30, despite my desire not to marry or be a father, I had the miracle and wonder of becoming a father for the first time of my daughter Isabella. 5 years later my son Luccas was born.
I will always expose this as my success and the most wonderful achievement, because the action of bringing new lives into the world gives us the responsibility of educating them into being good human beings. And, I wish that my children have a voice of humility and a permanent desire for searching to be better humans, while thinking about what to do to have a better world

WGF: Has it all been rosy for you in life or did you also have your share of challenges? Please share some challenges you have faced in life.
Juan: Life is not a path of flowers, but it must be seen as a series of chapters that show us with happiness and sadness a path for us to determine what our next step will be.
Having said that, I want to emphasize that those who do not make mistakes or have no scars, it is probably because they have done nothing or have risked anything. In short, they have not known how to live.
Let us remember that life is like the beat of the heart, of ups and downs, and when you do not have those ups and downs, it means that your pulse is level in a line. That is to say, you are dead! We have to assimilate the blows, and we must share joys.
It depends on us what footprint we create, and what we leave behind us in this world.

WGF: COVID-19 has been difficult all around the world. What learnings do you take away from this tough time?
Juan: That the material is not essential…
That health and family are the most important thing …
That fighting in life with an exclusive goal of being a millionaire will not let you see life itself from afar, and when you finally find that you have spent a large part of your life working, and do not have more time or health, you will understand the real importance of life, and what was it that you really lived for.

WGF: Who is Juan Franco according to you?
Juan: A human being under construction with goals of leaving a positive mark on the world to reach my decisive moment and look back and feel the pride of having changed a life for the better; having served the world; having helped to improve someone’s conditions. I may be merely a grain of sand in a desert, trying to build a better planet; I may be a complete dreamer; but the biggest and the most impossible dreams are those that when they are fulfilled they are a true feat. They show us that nothing is impossible.

WGF: What message would you like to give to fellow entrepreneurs or the youth?
Juan: Believe in yourself. Set distant goals, almost impossible to achieve.
Dream big and go after your dreams. Do not let anything stop you.
The goals will never be reached in a straight line.
Remember that many ups and downs will come. You may have to walk many new paths, but always keep in mind the goal set from the beginning

Committed to Positive Growth of World